Our students say…

Antonia Martínez (USA)

“I am thrilled at the progress I have made with these remarkable teachers. My confort level in speaking has increased, and my understanding of grammar has improved greatly. Most importantly, instruction was focused on my particular strengths and weaknesses. Highly recommended!”

María (Rusia)

Studying Spanish with Maria and Raquel was an unforgettable experience.

I am very thankful for their professionalism, skill, and kindness in explaining even the most complicated topics in an easy way.

Lessons with them were very interesting and useful, and they helped me get better at Spanish and experience Spanish culture.

I am going to participate in EL Blog para Aprender Español and keep on improving my Spanish!

Regards from Moscu!

Kris Williams (USA)

I was a student of Maria’s during 2 consecutive summers in Madrid. Every day during my first 5-week session, Maria met me with an infectious smile and a well-thought-out plan. I felt lucky to have a teacher with her enthusiasm. Maria made each of her students want to participate in any discussion she initiated, and gently encouraged words out of our mouths, no matter how mangled the sounds in the beginning might have been.

I was thrilled to be assigned to Maria’s class during my second 6-week study period.  Maria has a  general knowledge of many subjects, which meant that our Spanish conversations were never boring. Through Maria’s teaching I not only became a better speaker of Spanish, but I also became a better-informed citizen of the world. I consider Maria not only a teacher, but a friend.

Markus Frey (Germany)

Learning Spanish with Maria and Raquel was a great experience! They are experts not only in their language, but also in the culture of Spain. The classes were vibrant and very interesting in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, which makes for an effective learning environment. Maria and Raquel were always very clear and put so much energy and enthusiasm into their work! I highly recommend their classes.


Manuel Saraca (Italy)

I studied Spanish with Maria and Raquel for a month. I think they are both special teachers: attentive, likeable and very cultured. They have a strong passion for teaching and you can feel it in every lesson. Learning Spanish with them is a wonderful experience!



Lucas Ribeiro (Brazil)

Hi everyone , I`m from Brazil and this year learned spanish with Maria and Raquel in Madrid for almost 6 months was amazing ,I learned very fast their methods are unbelievable, you don`t forget!!! Also they are so friendly and you feel so confident that sometimes I forgot that they were my teachers !!! all the best for you guys and I hope see you soon in Madrid.


Robert Wirichs (Switzerland)

During 4 months I had the pleasure to learn Spanish with Maria and Raquel. Although I already had some preliminary knowledge, their teaching method allowed me to improve quickly. Their profound knowledge of Spanish grammar and literature in combination with their professional pedagogical approach made it so enriching. They are both two charming and pleasant personalities. I can truly recommend to learn Spanish with Maria and Raquel in every respect. Robert Wirichs (student in 2009)

Tyler Fisher (USA-UK)

In the twelve years I have studied Spanish, I have had many instructors who, when trying to explain a particularly complex shade of syntax or lexical preference, too often fall back on dismissing the difficulty with a facile “that’s just the way it is in Spanish; you simply have to memorize it.”  Raquel, by contrast, consistently sought well-reasoned explanations — the patterns and rationale that underly the language — to help the other students and me to understand and remember the construction or concept in question.  She likewise drew connections with information we had already mastered in order to reinforce new material.

Raquel brings a wealth of knowledge and consistent professionalism to her teaching.

Anne-Claudine Morel (France)

Hi ! I am Ana from France. During a period of two consecutive years (2010/11) I attended Raquel and María’s lessons at Elemadrid. I learned a lot , even if I already had a high level ofwritten and spoken Spanish! I think practice and theory are two different things — both in formal communication situations and colloquial speech. They taught me many idioms and other expressions by explaining them etymologically and historically : it was an amazing experience! Raquel tought me specific items of phraseology that led me to a more authentic way to express myself. María helped me face grammar issues (when you don’t have the time to think about a very complicated sentence and you need to remember quickly a concordance or subjunctive). I am very grateful for their patience and energy. I miss those moments when my classmates and I needed to improvise in a conversation! We had a lot of fun! They are very competent teachers, with a great predisposition and patience ; you can trust me. I was planning my next stay in Madrid in order to attend their lessons again, because they are very nice and easy people with whom you are able to speak about very different subjects . I wish them the best in their professional online teaching project. I am sure that it will be interesting for many students who want to know more about Spanish language or culture. They understand everything about teaching : they know how to move their students, how to explain grammar and vocabulary with passion and enthusiasm. All the best for them. Best regards from France.

Michael Luszczak (USA)

What a great way to learn Spanish online!  After studying Spanish at a community college in the United States for two years, I went to Madrid to continue my studies, and Maria and Raquel were my professors there.  They are highly qualified and enthusiastic instructors who are comfortable with students from various cultures, backgrounds and skill levels.  I am pleased that they have shared El Blog Para Aprender Español with me and I look forward to continuing to learn Spanish with them even though I am now back in the United States.

Dennis (UK)

In 2006 I spent six months in Madrid learning Spanish which inspired me to take the plunge later that year and enroll at university to do a degree in Hispanic Studies. During that time, sometimes I felt as though learning Spainsh became a bit of a treadmill, as I endlessly went over verb conjunctions and basic vocabulary, and never quite felt as though I was getting a foothold on the language in terms of how Spanish is used around me, and how to use Spanish in a modern context. Maria’s approach to teaching Spanish is highly original in that she places the emphasis on engaging with ideas, and allows the student to develop his/her language skills around expressing themselves creatively through their own interests as well as following on from a wide variety of themes ranging from popular and high culture to politics, science and social issues. She encourages her students to play with the language they have already aquired and deveolop it further through exercises such as creative writing, class debates, or looking at equivalent phrases and comparasons with the student’s native tongue, rather than imposing a few set phrases to be reproduced parrot-fashion. I found that widening the scope of Spanish in this way, my confidence, and that of my fellow students increased immensely and our language skills developed almost without us noticing!  

Luka Poklukar (Slovenia)

I had privilege to work with Maria and Raquel. It was one of the best experiences for me. They are full of knowladge from history, art to every day life in Spain. The grammar and other Spanish rules seem easy when they explain them. They are like a big box full of knowladge which is needed to be open. Try to open it and you will see how learning Spanish become fun.


Masae Muraoka (Japan)

My name is Masae and I am Japanese. As many other compatriots of mine, I love Spain. It is necessary to study thoroughly its language and culture in order to get to know this country well. For Japanese people it is very difficult to learn a neo-latin language. You need to make a extraordinary effort! Thanks to Raquel and María everything was a lot easier. I was able to learn and have lots of fun meanwhile. Their grammar and conversation lessons were always efficient and pleasant. Each student felt important and motivated to participate in their lessons. Their mood was always oriented to encourage us to be active and to ask questions, without any feeling of fear or shame. It was a fantastic experience for me. Thanks to them I made a great progress in my knowledge and practice in Spanish Language. Now I am living in New York where many Hispanic people live and Spanish Language is the second language spoken after English. Having studied with Raquel and María is now helping me to experience to the fullest this bilingual city. For all these reasons, thank you so much!

Jaime Murcia (Australia)

 I studied with Maria for one month, I was not a beginner, but I needed a lot of practice as well as a better understanding of grammar, I found Maria to be an excellent teacher, always prepared for class and very patient and always helpful! She made me feel very comfortable learning spanish. The lessons were great. I liked that the lessons primarily focused on how to speak, which can be very difficult, so it is good to start there. And then the rest of the language will follow.  The material was great, the games were lots of fun, very accessible for a beginner.

Ronny Korner (Israel)

 I cannot say enough to praise Maria and Raquel. Both went out of their way for the students, making sure each and every student gets personal attention and personal guidance. Maria’s and Raquel’s professionalism, devotion, openness, easygoing ways, fun outlook, understanding and patience was beyond all expectation.

Filippo Vannini (Italy)

Learning Spanish with Raquel is great!
I was interested in practicing my Spanish not only in the sense of improving my grammar and vocabulary skills, but also speaking, listening, and – why not – trying and getting closer to the Spanish culture. If you are interested in something about Spanish language and culture, “El blog para aprender Español” is exactly the right place: give it a try, it’s worth it! 🙂