Oliver Richards

Studying Spanish with Maria and Raquel was an unforgettable experience.

A friend gave me a present of 6 lessons. I was sceptical but have got hooked.
I was immediately impressed that María wanted to understand my motivation for learning Spanish before agreeing to take me on.
The combination of Skype video link and message pad is excellent – a live conversation with the potential to see words you can’t hear or don’t know. In some ways it is better than face to face sessions.
Maria is charming and supportive – we have great conversations that thread through the lessons.

María’s considerable experience at using the blog allows her to assess the level of a student and pace the lessons to great effect.
This really is an excellent and fun way to learn a new language.

Dennis Tearle

Al principio estaba cauteloso, sí no muy confiado a hacer estudios de idiomas por Skype, un medio que percibía como bastante impersonal; pero sin lugar a dudas, resultó una experiencia grata y absorbente.

Con Maria, encuentras no solo una profesora agradable y comprensiva, sino también una persona muy inteligente, perspicaz y totalmente entregada a sus estudiantes y la enseñanza de español. Esta claro que para ella cada estudiante es un individuo y esta muy dispuesta a explorar temas e ideas que interesan más al estudiante; por este modo, las clases se convierten en proyectos personales por los cuales se estudia y se explora de manera profunda la mecánica de la gramática por ejercicios alucinantes como, por ejemplo, la escritura creativa, lecturas y de textos literarios, estudios de cine incluso cortometrajes artisticos, además de otros ejercicios más controlados y prácticos que abarcan temas culturales con motivo de provocar conversación y de abrir un conocimiento más amplio de la lengua y cultura española/hispana.

En fin, si estás dispuesto/a a dedicarte a tus estudios de español de mente abierto, las clases de EBPAES te recompensarán cien veces.

Jessica Marlborough

I have been having Spanish classes with Maria since 2014, and have since recommended her excellent service to many of my friends and colleagues who still learn with her today. She is a wonderful teacher and goes above and beyond to help you learn Spanish in the most efficient and effective way. Skype classes are especially great, because not only can you focus on learning to speak and listen face to face, you can also use the chat feature to understand how things are written and enhance exercises during the class. This method is great for the busy professional as you can take her with you all over the world through your iPad/ laptop, and don’t lose any valuable time travelling to classes. She is also very flexible on timings and provides bespoke homework to complete outside of class times, which enhances the classes further and comes at no added cost. Do not hesitate to try it out!

Alex Plehn

I have been taking classes with Maria for over 4 years now and during this time, she has successfully helped me through my GCSE´s, A-levels and now my University degree. It is very fair to say that I would not have improved my Spanish to such a degree nor received the grades I did without her help!

She is a kind and funny lady and an excellent teacher. She is the only Spanish teacher I have had who actually manages to make grammar quite an enjoyable topic. She is very engaging and will ensure that you ´know your stuff´ by the end of each class.

She will also go out of her way to make sure that you know a topic, or pass a class, as she has spent hours of her own time correcting my work.

I highly recommend Maria as a teacher!

Bart van der Vliet

I still remember my first Skype lesson with María: I was a bit anxious and insecure about how the lesson would go. I have had Spanish lessons before, but almost always in groups and never before on the internet and my level wasn’t quite as good. Now, about a year and a half later, I’m much better at speaking and understanding Spanish! I really love to talk to María, she makes me feel at ease. Most of the time classes start off with a half hour conversation and the other half new subject matter. I learned so much about the Spanish culture and family life and at the same time I made a new friend.”


Jaime Murcia (Australia)

 I studied with Maria for one month, I was not a beginner, but I needed a lot of practice as well as a better understanding of grammar, I found Maria to be an excellent teacher, always prepared for class and very patient and always helpful! She made me feel very comfortable learning spanish. The lessons were great. I liked that the lessons primarily focused on how to speak, which can be very difficult, so it is good to start there. And then the rest of the language will follow.  The material was great, the games were lots of fun, very accessible for a beginner.

Kris Williams

I was a student of Maria’s during 2 consecutive summers in Madrid. Every day during my first 5-week session, Maria met me with an infectious smile and a well-thought-out plan. I felt lucky to have a teacher with her enthusiasm. Maria made each of her students want to participate in any discussion she initiated, and gently encouraged words out of our mouths, no matter how mangled the sounds in the beginning might have been.

I was thrilled to be assigned to Maria’s class during my second 6-week study period.  Maria has a  general knowledge of many subjects, which meant that our Spanish conversations were never boring. Through Maria’s teaching I not only became a better speaker of Spanish, but I also became a better-informed citizen of the world. I consider Maria not only a teacher, but a friend.