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We offer different packages for your choosing including a short class for you to try:

book 3 books 5 books
1 class 5 classes pack 10 classes pack
30€ 125€ 200€
A single class (60′), great to learn or improve an specific subject. A great value, if you would like multiple classes (60′) designed to fulfill your personal language learning needs and goals. The best value, if you would like multiple classes (60′) designed to fulfill your personal language learning needs and goals.

We also offer a 30 minute trial lesson for 5€ designed for those who would like to experience our teaching methodology before signing up for a course.

How does it work?

After completing our level test, the EBPAES team will assign each student a level according to which his/her tutor will begin to design a personalized learning program. The content of each program will also take into consideration a student’s personal and cultural interests, motivation for studying Spanish, and learning styles.

A. Take our level test by clicking here unless you are an absolute beginner. 

B. Look for an email with your level and personalized learning program 

C. Buy classes using one of the “Buy Now” buttons above.  You may sign up for a trial class before committing to multiple classes. 

D. Complete the payment on the next screen. You’ll receive a confirmation email after the payment is completed

F. Click here to schedule a class and we’ll see you on Skype!

What we offer: Spanish from Spaniards

We offer individual Spanish lessons tailored to each student’s learning style and needs. Students may also find FREE materials and activities on El Blog para Aprender Español, which are meant to complement each lesson. Learn Spanish from anywhere, maximizing your time and effort!

Please visit our FAQs for more information.

What is the structure and content of the classes?

Here, you can take a look on some sketchs from Skype Spanish Lessons between Raquel (teacher) and Frank (USA), student of Spanish language who has a B2 level. Frank needs to review some aspects of verbal flexion and syntax, as well as integrate new words.

Our students say…

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