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Can I prepare DELE examinations with El blog para aprender español?

Of course, a special program for the preparation of the examinations will be designed and tailored to your personal needs. Every student has different strengths and weaknesses; once we know your level we will be ready to start with your personalized program.

Are any specialized Spanish courses offered?

Besides General Spanish, we offer courses in the following:

  • Medical Spanish
  • Business Spanish
  • Spanish for flight attendants
  • DELE Examinations preparation

What is the methodology used?

At El Blog para Aprender Español, we place an emphasis on conversationSupplementary material intended to optimize a student’s involvement in a lesson will be emailed to the student before or after the lesson at the teacher’s discretion.

Grammar, vocabulary and communicative skills will be practiced through conversation making use of a multitude of strategies, activities, and practice. The student has the lead role, as the lessons are designed for him or her to participate actively.


Who is the teacher?

Hi there! My name is María, a Spanish (ELE) teacher from Madrid with 10+ years of experience teaching Spanish in a multitud of classroom settings, both online and offline. I have a passion for teaching and enjoy working with students of all levels, backgrounds and interests. My primary objective is for you to realize your Spanish-speaking goals, and have a bit of fun while working towards them! Interested in finding out more? I am an accredited examiner for DELE and a certified SIELE tutor. Sign up for a trial lesson to experience my highly communicative teaching style first-hand! Click here for further information.

Can I cancel a lesson?

Lessons canceled 24 hours in advance can be made up, usually within the same month.

If there are technical problems, the lesson or time lost will always be made up.

The lesson will be considered as canceled if the student does not appear after 15 minutes from the scheduled time of the appointment.

Does my course pack expire?

Yes, it does. Course packs expire after a 6-month time period.

Is there a maximum number of lessons per week?

You may schedule as many lessons as you like. We recommend a minimum of one lesson per week.

How can I start with the lessons?

  1. Complete our level test.
  2. Choose one of our packs or individual lessons.
  3. Write an email to ebpaes@lessons.com and I will answer personally.

How can I pay for the lessons?

At this time, we are accepting payments by PayPal.

About Skype

What is Skype?

Skype is the most popular voice communication service in the world and one of the pioneers in voice communication over the Internet. You can make unlimited free calls to anyone in the world provided that person is using Skype too.

* We can use Google Hangouts, Zoom or Facetime also. 

How do I use Skype?

Getting ready for your Skype Spanish lesson with El Blog para Aprender Español is very easy. Just create a free Skype account and download the software from Skype.com, and you will be ready to go in minutes.

What happens if there are problems with the sound?

If a problem occurs with the sound due to a weak Internet signal, faulty computer equipment, or the Skype program, the interrupted lesson will be rescheduled.

When it is an isolated/punctual problem the lesson or time lost will be made up without any additional cost.  You will never miss out on a lesson due to technical problems!

Some recommendations to optimize audio and video quality:

1. Make sure Skype is updated.  Find the latest version of Skype here.

2. Wear headphones. If you hear echoes in the audio, it is because the other party’s speakers are too loud. Wear headphones and the echoes will subside instantly.

3. Adjust the light.  Ample frontal lighting can mean the difference between talking to a real person and talking to a grainy silhouette.

4. Minimize ambient noise.  Try to create a quiet, classroom-like environment when you are having a lesson.

5. Close other programs during the lesson.  Overloading your Internet capacity with open programs could worsen audio and video quality.

6. Use Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi.  Ethernet will give you a much smoother, more consistent experience.

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