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Grammar Reference Books
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Grammar Reference Books

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In studying a topic after my Spanish lesson with Raquel and María during the past year, I found myself somewhat confused.  Their explanations were clear but for some reason the information did not sink in completely.  I like to use multiple references when I am confused.

Along with the great blog posts and videos here and simple google searches, I also look at a few grammar books I have at home. When I started learning Spanish I primarily used the following book:

Spanish Grammar for Independent Learners by Arie Vicente

I like this book because unlike many of the other books in my library it is a reference book.  Many of the other Spanish language books in English are more workbook oriented.

Raquel highly recommends the books by Concha Moreno Garcia.  She has four reference books:

Gramatica. Nivel elemental A1-A2 

Gramatica. Nivel medio B1

Gramatica. Nivel avanzado B2

Temas de gramatica. Nivel superior

I bought Concha’s books in Madrid but you can buy these through Amazon on the United States.

Ironically, from time to time I realize my challenges with a particular subject are a misunderstanding or confusion with English grammar!  I have personally written a fair amount of material in various jobs, but there are definitely some grammar subjects that I do not know.  I have found that often when I am most confused it is because I did not understand a grammatical area in English.  

My English grammar reference book was first written a long time ago and has not been reprinted for over 10 years.    I could use a new grammar reference book in English.

What grammar reference books do you use?

Can you recommend any of the grammar books you have?

How well do you know the grammar in your native language?

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